Willow Oak Christian Church

Willow Oak Christian Church

Virgilina, Virginia

"Revealing Book 66"  sermons were from April 3, 2016. Click here.

"Death's Doors"  sermons were from February 29, 2016. Click here.

"Family Matters"  sermons were from February 7, 2016. Click here.

"Vision Sunday 2016" sermon was on January 10, 2016. Click here.

"Giving Thanks"  sermon series, started November 22, 2015.  Click here. 

"Jonah"  sermon series, started October 11, 2015.  Click here. 

"1st John"  sermon series, started September, 2015.  Click here.

"Nehemiah"  sermon series, started August, 2015.  Click here.

"Healthy Church" sermon series, started May 17, 2015.  Click here.  

"The Story"  sermons were from September 7, 2014 through May 3, 2015. Click here.


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